Death Stranding will release later than planned, not that we knew when that was

It wouldn’t be a Hideo Kojima production without a few delays, right? Appearing as a guest on Japanese radio show Trume Time and Tide, the video game auteur admitted that Death Stranding’s development is taking a bit longer than he had originally planned.


Founding a new studio (even if based off his former team at Konami, creating a brand new IP and prototyping new ideas all takes time, and it seems that Sony’s philosophy as a publisher is always to give their teams the time that they need. It’s no surprise that it’s been three years of development, and given Sony’s reluctance to provide release windows of late, it’s no surprise that that game is still officially TBA. Still, all the noises have been that development has been progressing as planned to this point, and so this is the first indication to the contrary.

Of course, we had no idea when it was meant to release in the first place, whether in 2019, 2020, 2021 for PlayStation 5 or 2035 on the PlayStation 6.

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