Improbable founds new game dev studios with ex-BioWare head Aaryn Flynn in charge


Up until this point, Improbable have always been a technology company, building SpatialOS as a scalable persistent online framework for other developers, but that’s all changed with today’s announcement. Improbable will now start developing their own games, founding a new internal studio with ex-BioWare studio head Aaryn Flynn in charge of Project Edmonton. At the same time, a new London studio is being led by ex-Call of Duty, Epic Games and DICE producer John Wasilczyk.

Flynn, Improbable’s new General Manager of North America said:

I was interested in making a game using SpatialOS from the very first time I spoke to Improbable. Building tools and content has been a great way for our Edmonton team to master SpatialOS, but a full game was always an opportunity myself and others had in mind as the Edmonton studio took shape. Now, after a lot of great hires and great progress, we’re going to focus on creating that game using Unreal Engine 4 and building on SpatialOS’ next-generation online games platform.

Improbable was most recently in the news due to a licensing spat with Unity. Unity deemed SpatialOS to be in violation of its terms of service, pulled their development licenses, suffered a large industry backlash and then begrudgingly backed down. It was a fun few days for all involved.

This is a step in a new direction for the company, and comes ahead of GDC where Improbable will hold two panels: How to Build a 200-Person FPS in 20 minutes, and Building Unreal Worlds with SpatialOS’.

We look forward to Improbable’s reveal of a 200-person Battle Royale game within the hour, set in “an immersive, all-encompassing online virtual world”… where only one can survive.

Source: press release

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