Unity Backs Down In Spat Over Improbable’s SpatialOS

The very public fallout between Unity and Improbable seemingly came out of nowhere last week, as Unity altered their terms of service and determined that SpatialOS was in breach for the way that it allows for hosting the game engine on cloud servers. That then led to worried developers, hurried reassurances, million dollar support funds and a lot of mildly bemused bad press.

Last night Unity saw the light and amended their ToS once more to allow for unsanctioned third parties to host games on cloud servers, alongside a range of officially supported third party services that Unity give their badge of approval. This means that Improbable is allowed to get back to work as an unsupported developer and is no longer in breach, though Unity are still adamant that “Improbable was in violation even before the December TOS update and misrepresented their affiliation with us.”


However, Improbable hope for more, and a spokesperson explained to us that, “We think the best thing for developers would be for Unity and Improbable to formally partner, and we hope to be able to discuss this in the future.”

To help prevent this kind of thing from happening again in future – and Unity CEO John Riccitiello said, “We have no plans to make our TOS more challenging in the future,” so it shouldn’t! – Unity will now post updates to Github to give developers fairer warning of what is planned and for when.

Right, are we all settled down and playing nicely again? Good.

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  1. That’s good at least, although it sounds like Improbable will be up against a wall with their efforts to partner officially.

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