Hunt: Showdown hits the Xbox Game Preview program this Spring


It may surprise you to learn that Crytek are still a thing, they’ve had lots of financial troubles, closed all but two studios, and almost disappeared from the world of video games. Their last game, Hunt: Showdown, launched on PC last February but it barely registered, in fact there’s not a single review from any website or publication on Metacritic.

That may be because the game is still in early access on Steam and it’s also going to hit early access on Xbox One as well via the Xbox Game Preview program a little later this year.

The game is set in the swamps of Louisiana which just happen to be filled with all sots of nasty things that need killing. Here’s some gameplay.

Hunt: Showdown was originally revealed to be coming to PlayStation 4 as well, but there again it was also revealed with a different name, a different development team, and was free-to-play, so who knows what’s happened to the PS4 version.

Source: YouTube

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