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Rumour: EA Access heading to PlayStation 4

A post on Reddit claims to show an EA Access badge on the Brazilian PlayStation store, and although the picture has not been verified it does tie in with comment made during EA’s recent financials call when they said “In the year ahead we plan to offer a subscription service on another major platform.”

There were two problems with bringing EA Access to PlayStation, the first being that PS4 doesn’t have backwards compatibility and the second problem was that Sony were just not interested, saying the service “did not bring value.”

However, the most recent update to PlayStation Now featured EA games for the first time, but only PS3 titles. Perhaps Sony have struck a deal whereby the PS3 games in EA’s back catalogue appear on PS Now, while the PS4 versions appear on EA Access, that would explain why PS Now has got the PS3 version of Battlefield 1 rather than the superior PS4 version.

Source: Reddit

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