System Shock 3 gets a new teaser trailer

It’s now almost twenty years after the release of System Shock 2 and five years since OtherSide Entertainment and series creator Warren Spector picked up the rights to develop a full sequel. After several twists and turns in its development, the company have now released a new teaser trailer at GDC.

Confidence might not be high in OtherSide after the heavily criticised release of Underworld Ascendant at the end of last year, but perhaps the above trailer might restore a little faith, even if there’s no indication of when the game might come out.

System Shock 3’s development story is rather convoluted. The series rights were held in limbo by EA and Meadowbrook Insurance Group for a long, long time after the release of the second game and closure of developer Looking Glass Studios, a game which had inspired modern immersive sims like spiritual successor BioShock. Nightdive Studios were able to rescue the rights and re-release System Shock 2 back in 2013, before setting to work on a remake of the original game.

They also came to an agreement with OtherSide Entertainment, which was made up of many former Looking Glass developers, to let them develop a full sequel. OtherSide received financial and publishing backing from Starbreeze, whose recent financial troubles have now seen them sell the publishing rights back to OtherSide.

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