Battlefield V’s epic Firestorm trailer has arrived, watch it here

Firestorm, Battlefield V’s answer to Battle Royale, will launch on March 25th as part of a free update and to whet your appetite DICE and EA and have released a rather epic trailer. It explains the basics of the game which are much like any other Battle Royale title, but with some of Battlefield’s signature features such as destruction and a huge map.

I have to admit that looks rather good, what do you think?

When Firestorm launches it will support the usual modes of solo, duos, or squads, with up to 64 players per battle. That’s less than many other games in the genre but I’d rather have some decent graphics and impressive destruction than a few more players to kill.

Source: YouTube

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  1. TSA meet up when it’s released?

  2. It does look very good, but I’m not supporting EA for a while.

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