Satisfactory’s Early Access launch trailer will do quite nicely

The games industry is weird. One minute a company is making batty nonsense like Goat Simulator, then they turn around and present to you a factory building simulation. That’s Coffee Stain Studios for you, who’ve now launched Satisfactory into Early Access on Epic Games Store.


The aim of the game is to make a great big factory with your chums, in this first person open world factory sim, but as Pioneers from FICSIT Inc., you’re doing this on an alien world where hostile lifeforms want to get in your way.

Satisfactory has launched with three 30km2 biomes, with six tiers of milestones that unlock new machines and equipment. The Early Access launch has a roadmap that features updates in April and May to bring new milestone tiers, research chains for sulphur and quartz, and let you transfer resources by train.

Source: press release

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