Coffee Stain Studios Reveal Their New PC Game Satisfactory

The Goat Simulator team, Coffee Stain Studios, have revealed their next game and it’s quite a departure from flinging farm animals around. Satisfactory is a first-person factory builder set on an alien planet where players destroy the natural flora and fauna to make room for large machines, the function of which is unknown at present.

“People might think that Satisfactory is a million miles away from the games we develop, but we actually started out making FPS-Tower Defence hybrids in the Sanctum series, so we’re not all goats and silliness,” said Oscar Jilsén, Game Director at Coffee Stain Studios. “Satisfactory is something we’ve been obsessed with making for a long time. As a 20 man studio it’s a very ambitious undertaking, but one that should hopefully result in a pretty special game that players can get lost in.”

Source: Press release

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