Sony to stop selling digital game codes at US retailer

Sony have told GameStop stores that they are discontinuing cards that can be redeemed for digital versions of games. At present you can walk in to many stores and pick up codes for digital downloads of indie or AAA games, but from April 1st GameStop will only stock cards with monetary values on the them, for example codes for $10 of PSN credit.

Anyone who has pre-ordered a digital version of a game will be “encouraged” to purchase the boxed version, with the exception of Days Gone and Mortal Kombat 11, presumably because it’s a bit too late to get loads more boxed versions of Days Gone made up by Sony, but why MK11 is exempt isn’t quite as clear.


As GameStop is one the biggest retailers of video games in the US it’s a safe bet Sony will be rolling out this new scheme to other sellers, but at present we do not know their plans for other territories.

Source: Wario64 on Twitter

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