Beyond a Steel Sky announced by Revolution

Best known for their Broken Sword games, fans of Revolution have long pined for and requested a sequel to another of their early 90s adventure games, Beneath a Steel Sky. Earlier this week, the company confirmed what they’ve been very coy about talking about for a long time, that a full sequel is in development. Beyond a Steel Sky is in development for PC, consoles and Apple devices, and it’s coming out in 2019.


They’ve reunited with comic book artist Dave Gibbons for the project, but as you can see from the tweet above, the game looks dramatically different to the low resolution pixel art of the original. It will still feature many of the same themes, set in a world with AI-drive social control, but again it will evolve with what’s described as “a dynamic, bounded-sandbox world,” in which puzzles and obstacles can be overcome with emergent gameplay.

We can’t wait to see more later this year.

Source: press release

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