Beyond A Steel Sky has a brand new story trailer

It has been 26 years since Beneath A Steel Sky was released when it became a classic in the point and click adventure genre. So it was a surprise last year when Revolution Software announced a sequel called Beyond A Steel Sky. The sequel does follow on from the Beneath A Steel Sky with players once again taking on the role of Robert Foster who is wandering the post apocalyptic wasteland to make things right for people. Now a new story trailer has been released to give a bit information about the plot ahead of Beyond A Steel Sky’s release on Steam and Apple Arcade, though a date is yet to be confirmed.


Dom got some hands on time with Beyond A Steel Sky, and he wrote.

While Beyond a Steel Sky certainly looks like a modern, 3D adventure game, this is still a point and click adventure through and through. Progress is made by talking to everyone, working your way through conversation trees, and working out how the items you’ve picked up can be put to use. It’s not the nonsensical sort of point and click either – there’s no Day of the Tentacle weirdness, at least not in the portion we played – and you can probably see where you’re supposed to be heading or what you’re trying to do in most instances.

Beyond a Steel Sky is shaping up to be a fantastic sci-fi adventure through Union City and its underbelly, with enjoyable performances and modern production values really putting this at the forefront of narrative adventures. The lackadaisical pace won’t be for everyone, but if you’re in the mood for some head scratching puzzling, in one of gaming’s classic settings, Beyond a Steel Sky is shaping up to be something special.

You can read the full Beyond a Steel Sky preview here.

Source: IGN YouTube

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  1. I had the original game on my Amiga 500+ and I loved it (even though it was on a Gajillion Disks) :)

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