Enter the Gungeon’s final Farewell to Arms update is out next week

On the third anniversary of Enter the Gungeon’s release, Dodge Roll Games are saying goodbye to their popular gun-themed roguelite. They’re doing so in style, though, releasing one last major update/expansion titled A Farewell to Arms. It will be released on 5th April for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.


As they had previously explained, they initially intended this update to be another continuation of the game, only to realise that the game’s codebase was becoming far too convoluted and difficult to work with for future ideas. So they’re going out with a bang.

Two new characters are joining the roster, including the randomised Paradox, a new enemy variant, a secret floor to discover with its own special boss, the new NPC Bowler that brings Rainbow Mode into the game which gives you just a single rainbow chest at the start of your run and no further weapon or item chests. It’s a big update, comparable to the Supply Drop update.

While this will mark the end for Gungeon, Dodge Roll are rolling right into their next project. Nothing has been revealed, and it’s still early in design and development from what Dodge Roll have previously said, but we look forward to seeing what it is when they’re ready to share.

Source: Dodge Roll, EU PS Blog

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