Civilization VI now has cross-platform saves between Switch and PC

Civilization VI has been a bit of a hit for 2K Games on Nintendo Switch, exceeding 2K’s expectations and encouraging them to keep looking at the platform for future games and projects. What’s great to see is that it’s not simply being left to gather dust. 2K have updated the game on Switch and PC to allow for cross-platform cloud saves, letting you take your game with you on the go.

The functionality ties into 2K’s own cloud save function, which does require the creation of a 2K account, but after that, it’s about as simple as uploading the save on one to the ‘Multiplatform Cloud’ and downloading it on the other. You’ll need PC version and Switch version 1.0.3 or newer. The only snag is that the Switch version has none of the PC version’s expansions, meaning that you can only take saves from the base game between the two systems.

Nick took a good long look at the Switch version of the game, saying “Civ VI is a titan of a game and well worth your time, even if you’ve already spent hours on the PC version” in our Civilization VI for Switch review.

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