All Digital 1TB Xbox One S leaks, out next month

The much rumoured disc free version of the Xbox One S has leaked out and it will retail at €229.99 in Europe (around £200), which is rather more expensive than expected. It does come with a 1TB hard drive with Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3 pre-installed.

The console is said to launch on May 7th with pre-orders going live tomorrow. The console itself is rather boring, a big white plastic box that looks exactly like a normal Xbox One X but without a disc drive slot, and it will come with one controller.


Source: via Twitter

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  1. Could easily get a normal xbox one for that :-/

  2. If the leak is accurate, that price is just silly.

    A normal XBone with a couple of games is £10 more on Amazon (other retailers and probably 100 different bundles are available).

    And if everyone’s assuming being disc-free means “that Game Pass thing was successful, so you’ll have that and not need discs”, then including 2 games that are available with Game Pass (and 1 that has a sequel which is available with Game Pass) is a stupid move.

    You could even buy a proper XBone, sell the included games, and effectively end up paying £20 less.

    So that leaked price can’t be correct, can it? Why would they charge that much? Ok, so not having that one thing in it probably doesn’t save a huge amount of money, but you’re stuck with download only games, so that’ll be a load more money for MS.

    £150 might be sensible. £200 with a year of Game Pass maybe?

  3. I thought it would have a bigger hard drive. With only 1TB I can see people running out of space fairly quickly.

  4. You could buy a bluray player with the money you’ll save!

  5. A popular internet retailer currently has a 1TB Xbox One S with Anthem and Forza 4 for £210 also comes with a free blu ray player built in.

  6. Just too small 1TB is enough for the fans updated

  7. I guess this is Microsoft testing the waters for the next generation?

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