God of War director working on new singleplayer game

David Jaffe – best known for his work on God of War and Twisted Metal – has a new game in the works. According to him, this will be a purely singleplayer experience that clocks in at “3-4 hours”.

The outspoken game designer took to Twitter in response to a recent interview between GI.Biz and Amy Hennig on the ever-growing scale of AAA games and how they tackle storytelling:


For now we know very little about Jaffe’s next project in terms of setting, gameplay, or even which platform(s) it is being developed for.

The Barlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency – the awkwardly-named studio he helped to establish back in 2013 – officially closed its doors last year.

This followed the April 2017 launch of the team’s only game, Drawn to Death: an online shooter with a unique hand-drawn style that failed to wow critics and was taken offline last month. The game has also been de-listed from the PlayStation Store.

During his career, Jaffe has also worked on a number of other PlayStation-exclusive games such as the aforementioned Twisted Metal franchise, 2004’s original God of War, and its blockbuster sequel. Some will also remember PS2 futuristic racer, Kinetica, and Call All Cars!.

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  1. While some people might think Jaffe is a busted flush, I think he has some good gameplay ideas

    On the face of it Drawn2Death was a good game, it’s execution just missed the target though

    Hopefully Jaffe is back & this turns out to be a good ‘un

    • He’s definitely got the game design chops to produce something fun and exciting in future.

      D2D was cool in concept but felt largely outdated by 2017 FPS standards.

  2. He swears a lot for an adult.

    • He 48 but identifies as a young adult 🤣

  3. Just wondering if there any game designers in the industry who aren’t annoyingly brash and outspoken?

  4. The thumbnail and article headline are so misleading. People are going to assume you’re on about Cory and not Jaffe.

    • Agreed that’s what I can’t here expecting. Good to hear Jaffe still had the intention to make a game though. Guy has some unique things, just some have failed to hit the mark.

  5. Looking forward to seeing what this is! 8-12 hours and I am good. 100 hour plus to simply obtain a shield followed by a 1,000,000 hour boss battle to obtain a key isn’t for me. We are missing more solid single player campaigns that keep you on the edge of your seat so whenever one lands ill always give it a look.

    Sometimes, sometimes less is more and a four hour blast if its good can still work. The last little off piste game i played like this was Journey which was gaming in art form. Lets see what Jaffe has up his sleeve…

  6. Oh go away you awful has been.

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