Sega reveal the Coke Zero version of Judgment’s Kyohei Hamura

Quick recap: Japanese star Pierre Taki, voice and likeness for the character Kyohei Hamura in Sega’s Judgment, was a very naughty boy and was found with some Columbian Marching Powder on his person. He admitted to having the odd sniff and was arrested because drugs are bad, just say no!

Sega responded by halting sales of the game and started work on replacing Taki with a new character model and a new voice, simultaneously Disney were patching Taki out Kingdom Hearts 3 where he plays Frozen. Sega have now finished their work which means Judgement is still on track to release here on June 25th, huzzah!


Here’s a comparison with the old version of Chazbaps on the left, and the Coke Zero version on the right.

Source: Eurogamer

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