Master Chief has been cast in Showtime’s Halo TV show

One of the few things that has been kept a mystery through the Halo series is what Master Chief looks like beneath his mask. Now we finally know, as Showtime announced Pablo Schreiber in the lead role for their live action Halo TV series.

The live action series has been in development hell ever since its announcement back in 2013. It’s stagnated for a long time since then, until Showtime announced that it would be heading into full production at the end of 2018. Obviously that didn’t happen and director and executive producer Rupert Wyatt stepped down in December. He’s since been replaced by Otto Bathurst in those roles, and the announcement of Schreiber as Master Chief gives us something a bit more tangible to associate with the project.

The big question is how faithful the TV show will be to the games. Will we see it follow in 2011 Judge Dredd’s footsteps and keep Schreiber helmeted at all times? Or will it be more 90s Dredd and have him running around like Sly Stallone in full action hero glory.

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  1. Ah, Nick Sobotka from The Wire? Interesting. As long as he never shows his face or does the voice, then I don’t care.

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