There’s not going to be any Devil May Cry 5 DLC

There was a lot of hype for Devil May Cry 5 with fans of the series yearning for years for a follow up to the mainline set of games, with quite a vocal lot dismissing DMC: Devil May Cry (which was good in my opinion). The latest action adventure outing saw the return of original design Dante along with Nero and new playable character V. Devil May Cry 5 has already received some post launch content in the form of the Bloody Palace, but it looks like that’s your lot according to Matt Walker, producer at Capcom.


When Devil May Cry 5 launched it took the top spot in the UK chart, and over two million copies have been sold since launch. You can always read the Devil May Cry 5 review and see what we thought.

Source: Twitter via PlayStationLifestyle

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