Super Mario Maker 2 makes its way to Nintendo Switch in June with a limited edition stylus

Having first let fans create their own Mario levels on Wii U and followed it up on 3DS, the full sequel Super Mario Maker 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch on 28th June.


Alongside the standard edition, there will be a limited edition bundle that throws in a one year Nintendo Switch Online personal subscription. Additionally, pre-ordering from participating retailers will get you a Super Mario Maker themed stylus so that you can prod the Switch’s screen with something other than a finger – in a nice move, you’ll also be eligible for a stylus if pre-ordering digitally from the Nintendo eShop.

Super Mario Maker 2 follows up on the originals with a bunch of new tools and features. There’s a new Super Mario 3D World theme… in 2D, alongside new enemies like the Sun, Porcupuffer, and Cat Bullet Bill, and new items like Super Bell, parachute and a 10 coin. For those eager to do some creating, you’ll have improved slope creation, water and even more elements from across the Mario game series. 

The bundling of Switch Online in the Limited Edition of the game does raise some questions. These questions include: why? It certainly does imply that you want to have Switch Online in order to get the best out of the game, but without mention of online multiplayer, it would be a bit crummy for Nintendo to lock level uploading and downloading behind a pay wall. Without wanting to jump to conclusions, we’ve asked Nintendo for clarification and will update this story as soon as we know.

Update: Unfortunately Nintendo have nothing to share beyond the contents of the press release, so this question will hang in the air for a while longer…

Either way there’s no price on the Limited Edition just yet, but you’d bet that it’ll come out a bit cheaper than buying them separately. We can’t wait to pop on a Cat Mario suit and dive through some fresh new creations!

Source: press release

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