World War Z outbreak sees the co-op shooter pass 1 million sales

Since launching on April 16th, fans have been swarming all over World War Z. Publisher Focus Home Interactive has announced that the video game has now sold over 1 million copies in its first week across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Developed by Sabre Interactive is no doubt thrilled from the fan response and has committed to rolling out new features and content for the zombie-blasting co-op shooter. It’s busy working on various gameplay improvements as well as a special new mission for WWZ’s Tokyo episode.


Likened to Valve’s landmark Left 4 Dead franchise, World War Z pits groups of four players against gauntlets overrun with zombies. As you navigate each level, completing objectives, the game’s devious AI director will attempt to thwart you by spewing up hordes of the undead for you to battle.

Despite being a fan of the third person genre, I have to admit that I wasn’t really convinced by World War Z until I had it in my hands. There’s a rewarding sense of depth to all the mindless shooting, hacking, and slash, with multiple character classes to upgrade, each with their own different playstyle.

Then there are the zombies themselves. Saber Interactive has been very open in what inspired the team to snap up the World War Z license. Having been wowed by one particular scene of the 2013 Pararmount film adaptation, the team wanted to recreate the way in which zombies would climb over each other, forming literal pyramids.

There’s a light feel to WWZ’s shooting when mowing down your average grunts, taking only a few bullets to drop them. However, they’ll snowball together, dozens of them appearing on-screen as they rush you and your teammates, making for some pretty intense, cinematic stand-offs.This is all thanks to Sabre’s own Swarm engine.

With two major zombie-themed games launching in April, it’ll be interesting to see how World War Z and Days Gone square up to one another. Our Days Gone review went live yesterday.

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