The Saints Row movie finds a director

The director of Men In Black: International and Straight Outta Compton, F. Gary Gray, is said to be in the hot seat for the upcoming film based on the Saints Row franchise. It is being written by Greg Russo who has previous form with video game adaptions having penned the first (and best) Resident Evil film, and he also wrote the forthcoming Mortal Kombat reboot film.

Deep Silver’s parent companies’ film division, Koch Film, are co-producing the movie along with Fenix Studios and Occupant Entertainment. Fenix are also making a film based on Echo, a game that came out in October 2017 and despite favourable reviews, has been completely forgotten by everyone (and by that I mean I had to search TSA to find out what the hell it was).


There are a lot of video game to movie adaptions currently in some state of (pre)production including Firewatch, Gran Turismo, Heavy Rain, Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted, Minecraft, Angry Birds II, Shinobi, Watch Dogs, and Tomb Raider II.

There’s also Metro 2033, Ghost Recon, Resident Evil, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tetris, Splinter Cell, Asteroids, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Mass Effect, Borderlands, Call of Duty, The Last of Us, Monster Hunter, The Division, and Portal.

While most movies based on games have failed miserably some of the more recent efforts have been, well, not that bad. The Tomb Raider reboot made enough to get a sequel, the Resident Evil movies have made a huge amount of money despite a critical mauling, but the Assassin’s Creed movie floundered taking just $240m at the box office with a production budget of $125m.

We’ve still not had a solid five-star classic movie based on a game and next film to hit the cinema screen is Detective Pikachu which stars Ryan Reynolds as the titular Pokémon and Justice Smith as his human side kick. The movie launches in just a few days time on May 10th, could Pikachu save us form awful video game adaptions?

Source: Deadline

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