The World War Z roadmap reveals the content coming in the next few months

World War Z has been a bit of a hit with over a million units sold and getting some decent review scores too. The developers Saber Interactive has now revealed what players can expect over the next few months, and all of that content will be free. During May a new mission set in Tokyo will be added which will also introduce a brand new zombie type that can resurrect itself if it isn’t destroyed in the proper manner, though it’s not clear what that way is so you’ll have to figure that out.

In June a new six skull difficulty will be added for the players that really want a major challenge, with those brave enough to take on the more dangerous horde getting a reward. There will also be other cosmetics coming too. A weekly challenge mode will be coming in July along with more cosmetics. This isn’t the only planned content as Saber Interactive are also working on adding private lobbies, a survival mode where players have to survive as many waves of dead as possible, class switching in the PvPvZ multiplayer modes.


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Source: Press Release

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