World War Z Aftermath launches free Cut & Mend update

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A new World War Z Aftermath update has been released by Saber Interactive, adding new content and features to the zombie-slaying shooter.

The Cut & Mend DLC is available as part of a free World War Z Aftermath update with highlights including a giant sword melee weapon and new healing items.

Not only that, it allows players to quickly create and switch between perk loadouts for there characters. Now you can easily modify your playstyle without needing to manually change your perks every time.

Here’s an overview of what’s been added in the new World War Z Aftermath update:

Players can grab the new Sword melee weapon and ACW rifle variant, both special rewards for collectible hunters that offer powerful perks in a firefight. The update also adds the ability to quickly swap between different perk loadouts for each class, new items for the medkit slot like adrenaline, which boosts your stamina and can be used to self-revive, and bandage kits, which can be used to heal teammates, plus all-new cosmetic trinkets.

While there has always been a stigma attached to movie tie-in video games, World War Z shattered expectations. Likened to Left 4 Dead, you and up to three squad mates gun your way through gauntlets overrun by zombies. And we mean overrun – Saber’s tech allows for dozens of undead to flood the screen, smashing together to create infected pyramids of rabid enemies.

We reviewed the World War Z Aftermath expansion when it launched last year, giving the expansion a 6/10:

“Is Aftermath worth it then? It is if you are a fan World War Z and are looking for more content. The new class is a decent addition and can add a new tactical choice when facing the hordes, while both the episodes of Rome and Kamchatka add a couple more hours of content and more variety for when you’re grinding for levels and upgrades. However, the first person mode feels undercooked and the rat swarms just aren’t scary compared to the likes of the Bull and the Lurker zombies.”

World War Z is now also available on Nintendo Switch. Those who haven’t played since launch may want to re-download the game for new consoles following a recent tech upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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