Is World War Z cross-platform on Nintendo Switch?

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Does World War Z on Nintendo Switch have cross-platform play? Originally released in 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, the popular zombie survival game has finally made its way to the Nintendo Switch. It’s been somewhat of a sleeper hit for developer Saber Interactive and now you can take it on the go.

Although you can lone wolf your playthrough of World War Z, the game has been designed as a multiplayer experience. AI companions are no way near as fun to play with, struggle with objectives, and can generally get in the way.

Unless you have a group of friends who own the game on Nintendo Switch, you’ll need to rely on matchmaking. The wider the pool of players you can match with, the easier it is to drop into a mission which is why crossplay has been such a highly requested feature.

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We can confirm that World War Z on Nintendo Switch does not enable cross-platform play with other systems. Sadly, there’s no way to squad up with survivors on PS4, Xbox One, or PC. Saber Interactive hasn’t commented on the possibility of crossplay being added at a later date though it doesn’t seem likely.

We recently reviewed the Nintendo port, which includes the base game as well as a number of post-launch expansions.

World War Z on Nintendo Switch is a technically sound port that comes with all the trimmings, minus the new Aftermath expansion. While there are better survival shooters out there, those who have been dying to play World War Z (or take it with them on-the-go) won’t be left disappointed, this re-release hopefully hinting that there’s more to come from this fledgling series.

After its original launch, the game received numerous updates and DLC packs, increasing the number of playable classes as well as locations. The most recent expansion, World War Z: Aftermath, is out now though has yet to arrive on Switch.

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