Respawn have banned over 770,000 cheaters from Apex Legends

Ever since the release of the free to play battle royale shooter Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment have found themselves fighting a war against a tide of cheaters in the game. As they implement a new anti-cheat system, they have banned over 770,000 players to date, reducing the number of matches affected by cheats by half.

This is primarily a concern for PC gamers, where the openness of Windows allows cheater to get access to the game files and executable, compared to the closed systems on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Respawn’s response has come on several levels, updating the anti-cheat system in the game last week and working with other departments at EA to crackdown.


They’ve teamed up with EA Security and Fraud to ban 4000 cheat seller accounts in the last 20 days, the Origin team to block 300,000 new account creations from already banned cheaters, and working with fellow developers at DICE, FIFA and Capital Games, have used Easy-Anti-Cheat to detect and ban.

Through all of this, Respawn have been reticent to share details on the methods that they’ve been using to detect and ban cheaters, to avoid giving them a heads up and let them slip through their fingers with new dastardly deeds, but it’s good to see reports like this.

It was revealed last week that the success of Apex Legends has changed Respawn’s plans for the future, forcing them to push back development on a new mainline Titanfall game in favour of putting more resources into supporting Apex. A big part of that is the company’s refreshing decision to avoid the kinds of pressure and “crunch” that are widely reported at far too many game studios around the world, including Fortnite developer Epic Games and Mortal Kombat developer NetherRealm Studios.

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