Your May PlayStation Plus games are now ready to download, links here

Time for our ever-so-handy reminder that your lovely PlayStation Plus games for May are now ready and waiting for you to download, and we’ve even given you the links below so you can queue things up while you are at work and have them ready for when you get home. Lovely!

So without further ado, your links are:

Edith Finch is one of a very few select titles to score 10/10 from thesixthaxis. “What Remains of Edith Finch is a short experience, but one of the best that has been released in recent memor,” said our reviewer, Aran. “Giant Sparrow rose to prominence with The Unfinished Swan and here the studio has cemented itself as one of the best at constructing narratives intertwined with engaging environments. Both a celebration of life and a commentary on the tragedy of death, What Remains of Edith Finch should be experienced by as many people as possible.”


We also rather liked Overcooked, giving that a glowing 8/10 in our review. “Crafting a game that feels like a true co-operative experience is something studios continue to struggle with even today,” wrote Jim. “For a dev duo like Ghost Town Games to come along and nail it at their first attempt is a remarkable feat to say the least. As a result, Overcooked is easily the best co-op game of 2016 so far and will hopefully set living rooms afire with its accessible, often hilarious culinary hijinks. It’s certainly a game I’ll continue to revisit, roping in anyone willing to sit down and pick up a controller.”

There’s also a new(ish) sale on the PlayStation Store with exclusive discounts to those with PlayStation Plus. Here’s a few I have picked out, for the full sale click here.

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  1. That new sale isn’t a new sale. It’s the stuff from last week, some of which has PS+ discounts.

  2. Well you completely got me there. Screw you Tuff, screw you.

  3. Yep. a mobile game and a walking sim and … WHUT? Clicks link …
    You total barsteward TC..

    • That’s a little harsh on Overcooked. There are some genuinely good games that span fixed and mobile platforms.

    • However, if your sentiment is about the lack of “meaty” titles, as such, I agree. Ignoring any meat products you may cobble together in Overcooked. ;)

      • No real harshness meant, i was just rebounding from the sting ;)

  4. Wow definitely got me too. You win this round XD

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