QuakeCon is coming to the UK this July

QuakeCon Europe is heading to the UK’s capital and will be held at Printworks, London on July 26th and 27th. The event runs in parallel with the original Quakecon that is held in Dallas, Texas, and it will be the first time anyone outside of North America gets to play Doom Eternal.

Other games that will be playable include Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Rage 2, Quake Champions, Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls Online, and there will also be panels and opportunities to meet some of the developers.

The event will be free so if you are in town that weekend it might be worth registering for some tickets, which you can do by following this link. However, please not that the 26th is marked as ‘an exclusive preview event’, and only the 27th is ‘public access day’. Not entire sure what that means, I would guess the first day will be mostly press, bloggers, YouTubers, that sort of thing, and a smattering of public.

Bethesda have been calling 2019 the ‘Year of Doom’ because of Brexit. No, wait, it’s because it’s the 25th birthday of the iconic game. You can sign up to the Slayers Club and then earn Slayer points (not much imagination there Bethesda, 5/10 must try harder) to rank up and earn “special in-game content, including unique Slayer skins for DOOM Eternal when the game launches.”

Yep, you can earn DLC for a game before it launches, what wondrous days we live in.

“Slayers Club members can also earn entries for the monthly prize pool, containing all kinds of DOOM goodies such as t-shirts, vinyl records, DOOM Slayer figures and much, much more,” say Bethesda. You can earn your first five Slayer points by simply viewing this article on the Bethesda website.

If you really want to test you skills – and annoy and entire pub full of people at the same time – why not play Doom on a piano?

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  1. That Slayers Club seems unnecessarily complicated. Or a genius way to get you to read every single thing on the website so you can earn points that let you enter monthly competitions to win some nonsense, or a custom Doom Switch. Made more complicated for some people, since “Residents of Canada & Belgium must correctly answer a skill testing question”. (I feel the question will inevitably stretch the definition of “skill testing” somewhat)

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