Kojima Productions announce a new release…. a watch

Honestly, I’m getting a bit sick of this now. Pictures of coffee with blurry screens in the background, lengthy talks at film festivals where nothing is revealed, and most annoyingly, a shed load of merchandise for Kojima Productions, a development team that has yet to ship a game.

Kojima mate, I know you’re the industry darling but perhaps you should make a great game then flog the merch?


Just for the record you can currently buy: Death Stranding socks, three Death Stranding t-shirts. two Death Stranding hoodies, eight Kojima Productions t-shirts, Kojima Productions socks, a Death Stranding cap, a LUDENS figure, four Death Stranding phone cases, Kojima Productions business card case, plus tote bags, key chains, patches, posters, and of course the ever essential Death Stranding hand towel.

That’s the Death Stranding HAND TOWEL. 

Joining the list of tosh you can buy from Kojima before his sodding game is a posh looking watch.

Looks rather gorgeous doesn’t it? Honestly I’d be quite tempted if I wasn’t so annoyed, how much time does Kojima spend on this sort of thing when he could be making, I dunno, the game he’s being paid to make?

I presume if I did go ahead and buy one it would come packaged in a box sealed up with Death Stranding packing tape.

Yes, that’s actually a thing as well, $15 if you want to buy some.

Kojima has been doing some work on the game, or at least the box the game will come in, and has just tweeted the corner of a rejected box art image.

He’s also been teasing a new trailer with an image that originally showed the video to be eight minutes long. The image in the tweet was quickly replaced by one that did not include the length of the trailer.

Source: Twitter

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  1. I see this as him taking a different approach to his creative process. And in all honesty, why the beef over them wanting to flog merch before the game drops – its always gonna be a little weird with Kojima but it raises awareness and the watch is actually pretty dope.

    You don’t have to buy, acknowledge or work yourself up reporting on it. The game will land when it lands and when Kojima is in his element with the creative process we tend to receive masterpieces. This guy is a visionary to me and is one of my favourite creatives. When he was under Konami he was part of a much bigger engine and process which meant he probably didn’t get to play around with the project in this way with abstract posts and being able to go at his own pace.

    Just my opinion but its I dont see the negative here and I am desperate to play his new game, desperate.

    Anyways….Happy Friday Mofos, the weekend is again almost here!

  2. There must be a market for the merchandise or they wouldn’t bother.
    In all the years I’ve been gaming I’ve never bought any merch, except the stuff that comes with special editions.

  3. I agree with Tuff; Kojima does talk a lot of bollocks. With all those trailer and people who have played it and so on it must come out this year. I’m sure of it.

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