Play Tetris 99 offline with paid Big Block DLC season pass

Tetris 99, the surprise Switch exclusive battle royale Tetris mash-up that Nintendo unleashed on the world back in February, is going offline. Well, it’s still going to be online, but if you buy the Big Block DLC you can play the game offline with two new modes – through this, people can actually play the game without a Switch Online subscription.


Big Block is actually a season pass for the game, costing $9.99. Initially it adds CPU Battle, where you play Tetriss 99 against 98 CPU players, and Marathon mode, where you simply play Tetris and try to clear as many lines as possible. Further offline modes will be released later this year.

Since CPU Battle and Marathon are offline modes, you’ll be able to play them without a Switch Online membership if you buy the Big Block DLC. Online play will still require a sub, though.

Tying into this, a third Tetris 99 Grand Prix even will be held next weekend, from Friday 17th May at 08:00 BST to Monday 20th May at 07:59 BST. Anyone that earns 100 event points will unlock an in-game theme inspired by the original Tetris Game Boy game.

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  1. Oh, well done Nintendo. You’ve managed to put a season pass into Tetris of all things. I was hoping that would happen some day.

    (I may be being slightly sarcastic there, before anyone gets confused)

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