Oddworld: Soulstorm has it’s first gameplay teaser trailer

The rather delayed Oddworld: Soulstorm – it was meant to be out in 2017 – has finally been graced with a teaser trailer featuring gameplay. Not much gameplay to be honest, just a few quick shots of Abe running around and some explosions, but gameplay nevertheless.

Having defeated Molluck The Glukkon, the boss of Rupture Farms, in the previous game, Abe finds himself without food, water or a place to call home. He also has some company and is joined by 300 “newly emancipated Mudokons”. Abe and his chums discover a “a delicious drink that has insidious ramifications for their newfound freedom,” and the adventure continues.


“There was a deeper, darker, and more sinister story that we never got to tell,” said Oddworld Inhabitant’s Lorne Lanning when the game was announced. “Soulstorm gives us the opportunity to flesh out more meat on the bones of an original spine, but re-tell the fable from a very different angle. Abe has a long way to go and plenty more adversity ahead. Soulstorm is going to be a much heavier trip for him.”

The game is a remake of Abe’s Exoddus which launched on the original PlayStation console way back in November 1998. In that game Abe discovers that Soulstorm Brew contains Mudokon bones, so he’s been drinking on some of his friends – yum! That game included a two player mode, Oddworld have not made any mention of that feature for the remake.

Top Oddworld fact: To promote  Abe’s Exoddus Oddworld submitted fifteen minutes of cinematic from the game in the ‘Best Animated Short Film‘ category of Oscars that year!

Oddworld: Soulstorm is now expected sometime during 2020, platforms have yet to be announced which would indicate it’s probably going to be launching on the new consoles. We should also mention that the teaser trailer was created by ex TSA’er Lewis Gaston, well done old chap!

Source: YouTube

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