Red Dead Online update adds new missions and poker

Rockstar Games has released a major new update for Red Dead Online which has brought with it new co-operative missions as well as poker, which I’m sure in such a game won’t lead to shootouts over money lost. The new missions are part of The Land of Opportunities with the story unfolding depending on whether you’re honourable or dishonourable. If you’re an honourable player then you’ll be helping to solve a murder mystery by battling the Del Lobos gang. If you’re dishonourable then it’s all about pulling off highway robbery and a bank heist.


If you fancy indulging in a spot of poker you can do so across five locations with those being Blackwater, Saint Denis, Tumbleweed, Valentine and Flatneck Station. You can choose to host private games but the real risk and reward is in the public lobby where the stakes are much higher. Up to six players can play in a game of poker. If card games aren’t your thing you can get some free roam missions from the Aberdeen Pig Farmers or Thomas the Skiff Captain. You can also challenge other posses to fishing, bird shooting, and herb picking contests. Who said a shootout was the only way to show who the better posse is?

If you don’t want to compete without guns then you’ve got the new Overrun Showdown mode which is about capturing as much territory as possible while defending your gains. The team with the most amount of territory wins. Players can also choose to be either in offensive or defensive mode. Offensive is the default setting and allows players to engage in all kinds of PvP shenanigans in the open world. Defensive players take reduced damage, cannot be lassoed, melee attacked, targeted in auto aim or executed. Defensive players will not be made aware of PvP free roam missions though, while those who attack defensive players will get a ton of penalties. Defensive players who attack first will automatically become offensive players. Players with high hostility will be marked on the map and if another player kills them that player will not suffer any repercussions.

The future holds a lot more content coming with an update in summer allowing players to take on the role of a bounty hunter, a trader, or a collector of treasure. Furthermore, there will be more free roam missions from other characters, Head for the Hills and Sport of Kings showdown modes, as well as free roam challenges.

Source: Rockstar

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