Rockstar buy a studio from troubled PayDay 2 developers Starbreeze

Starbreeze’s recent financial report stated that the company was in deep trouble and that unless they got a serious injection of cash they were unlikely to continue operating. To try and save the company they have recently sold the publication rights for System Shock 3 to Otherside Entertainment, and also offloaded 10 Crowns to Mohawk games in April this year. They have now sold off their stake in Dhruva Interactive, an Indian video game developer based in Bangalore, to Rockstar.

The Grand Theft Auto developer paid $7.9 million to gain get 91.8 percent of shares in the studio, a bit of a bargain considering Starbreeze paid $8.5 million for a 90% share in the studio back in December 2016. Rockstar Dhruva, as they will now be known, will work alongside the existing Rockstar India studio which is also based in Bangalore. They will continue to work on existing projects but will also be working on future Rockstar games.


“Dhruva Interactive has been a beacon of Indian game development for decades and we are excited to bring them into the Rockstar family,” said Daniel Smith, studio manager of Rockstar India. “The addition of the Dhruva team to the existing talent at Rockstar India will expand the studio’s capabilities and reinforces our belief in and commitment to the local development community.”

A recent earnings call revealed that Grand Theft Auto V has sold 110m copies to date, with Red Dead Redemption II selling 24m units.

“We’re very excited about where Red Dead Online is going,” Take-Two chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick told today. “It’s coming out of Beta this quarter, and we have content drops coming. Our experience has been that momentum always picks up. At this stage at the launch of Grand Theft Auto Online, compared to Red Dead Online, we are well ahead of where we were. It’s performing well indeed.”

In other acquisition news, Epic Games have acquired Twinmotion, a “visualisation toolkit used for architecture, construction, urban planning, and landscaping.”

Source: PCGamer / GI.Biz

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