The Division 2’s first eight player raid, Operation Dark Hours, is out on Thursday

A lot of the promises in the run up to The Division 2’s centred around expanding the endgame, promising a huge eight player raid that seriously ups the ante compared to the four man teams of the rest of the game.

Now, two months after the game’s initial release, that’s being made a reality. Operation Dark Hours will be going live for all players at 5PM BST on 16th May.


Operation Dark Hours has been designed with the most experienced players in mind, with the difficulty geared toward World Tier 5 and those who have defeated Tidal Basin. It will take players to Washington National Airport to battle against the Black Tusks who have been using it to keep their forces supplied and reinforced.

Naturally the raid will reward players with raid-specific look, including new gear sets, an exotic weapon, and probably more than a few swanky cosmetics with which to show off.

The first team to beat the raid will be immortalised in-game with a team photo and names displayed in the White House, while all those that beat the raid by 23rd May will receive a commemorative arm patch. But even after then, you’ll still earn a clan banner icon and trophy in your clan space.

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