Microsoft and Sony announce partnership for cloud based gaming

Two of the biggest juggernauts are joining forces when it comes to gaming, as Microsoft and Sony have confirmed that they will be working together to explore cloud-based gaming solutions and AI. The partnership puts Microsoft’s Azure system at the centre of the strategic plan with both companies using it as a base to develop streaming services, including gaming services. With Sony already in the market with PS Now this partnership will no doubt have some kind of effect on how the service runs from the technical side.

When it comes to AI Sony will be bringing hardware including semiconductors while Microsoft brings the Azure AI technology, and meshing them together to produce user-friendly AI interfaces. What people shouldn’t expect is for Sony and Microsoft exclusives to be appearing on each other’s consoles, nor for the two to create one console together. At least not for the near future but who knows where we’ll be in 10 years from now.

We’re in a time where there is a lot more open co-operation between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo with the main evidence of that coming from cross-platform play, even if Sony was reluctant at first. This partnership may either bring some major changes to the gaming landscape or it may fizzle out in the end, but it shows how both Microsoft and Sony see the future of gaming.

Source: Microsoft

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