Super Mario Maker 2 needs Switch Online for level sharing and online multiplayer

Nintendo dropped a hot new Direct stream last night, going into detail about the upcoming Super Mario Maker 2 and revealing new single player, online multiplayer and enhanced creation capabilities of the game. Super Mario Maker 2 is out for Nintendo Switch on 28th June.


Having revealed the bundles a little while ago, my worst concern was realised as Nintendo have now confirmed that in order to share your level creations online and access the Course World of other player creations, you will need a Switch Online subscription. Thankfully, that’s not the only thing that you can do with Switch Online, as there’s new versus and co-op online multiplayer – a first for side-scrolling Mario platformers – with an online ranking and rewards for various accomplishments as you play online.

There’s also a little bit of give with the online requirement. You can download player courses for later offline play, and if you and other Switch owning friends are in one place, you can set up a local lobby so long as the host has a Switch Online sub. It still sucks on the whole.

The rest of Super Mario Maker 2 looks great, though. For creators there’s sloper, the angry sun, on/off switches, water levels with adjustable water levels, Banzai Bill enemies, a new night time mode, and a whole new Super Mario 3D World theme featuring Cat Mario clear pipes, Koopa Troopa Cars and more.

The single player is now themed around needing to rebuild Peach’s castle. You collect coins through over 100 Nintendo-created levels, and take on courses from a variety of different characters.

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