Overwatch Workshop update is out today alongside anniversary event and a week-long free trial

It’s a veritable Overwatch bonanza today, as Blizzard have brought the latest big update to the game in order to celebrate its third anniversary. The cornerstone feature is the new Workshop mode for custom user-created game types, while the anniversary event throws a bunch of new and rather desirable skins and cosmetics, and a week-long free play trial.

The traditional anniversary seasonal event is set to kick off this evening, running for almost three weeks from today until 10th June. For the first week of that, anyone and everyone will be able to download the free trial version of the game and play until 28th June.


As always there’s new cosmetics to earn, and this year brings six new Legendaries, three new Epics and new dance emotes for the three newest characters, Wrecking Ball, Ashe and Baptiste. It includes school girl D.Va and gargoyle Winston, and what looks like Mei as a diner waitress.


Overwatch Workshop is a comprehensive set of tools for creating custom game types and experiments within Overwatch, building on the existing customisation features that were available in the Game Browser. Through a simplified scripting system you can add rules and play conditions on top of existing Overwatch game modes, modifying movement, abilities, damage, camera angles, displaying text and more. A Workshop Inspector tool is available to help you debug when things go wrong.

Once you’re happy with what you’ve created, you can share or link to your game mode, and it can also be found through the Custom Game Browser. Users were incredibly quick to create things like Mei can slide around on her own ice, Frozone style, a mode where Widowmaker teleports to the position of her headshot victims, and even recreated modes and games like gun game, Superhot, and so much more. For the lowdown on how it works, here’s the Developer Update that introduced it:

Source: EU PS Blog

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