Codemasters show just how much better the Monaco Grand Prix looks in F1 2019

With this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix, Codemasters have taken the opportunity to show off some of the graphical improvements that they’ve made for the F1 2019 game. To put it simply, it all looks so much better, from the increased density of the trees lining some parts of the circuit, to the geometry and texturing of the iconic buildings you’re racing past, the way the sunlight shines off the rubbered in track, and the dynamic range that the lighting now accommodates.

Check out the gallery:


The one thing holding these screens back are the stock F1 2019 spec cars that Codemasters are currently using. They’re actually one part of what will make for a better overall package, as Codies will be using a spec car that can be freely customised and liveried for the online multiplayer, boosting the identifiability of those competing in the F1 esports series. That comes as part of a sweeping overhaul of the multiplayer that allows for players to set up championships and leagues to their own rules and specifications in-game.

But it’s not just multiplayer, as the career mode has been expanded to feature the F2 feeder series with the 2018 season included to start and the addition of the 2019 series as free DLC. That’s being used as a way to kickstart the story and show how you’ve got into the sport and earnt the opportunities to drive the F1 cars.

Oh, and the game is out earlier in the year than ever before. Codies have boosted the size of their development team and will be launching F1 2019 on 28th June for PS4, Xbox One and PC, two months earlier than the August slot they’ve held onto in recent years. We played the game a few weeks ago, and got the skinny on all of the above and more, so many sure to check out our F1 2019 preview.

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