Bossa Studios is shutting down Worlds Adrift

Bossa Studios has confirmed that it will be shutting down the servers for its MMO Worlds Adrift in July due to the game no longer being financially viable as it didn’t attract the number of players required. Worlds Adrift began its public journey back in 2016 with an island creator that people could use to create locations with some of them being added to the final game. Worlds Adrift was then delayed with an initial new date of Q1 2017 but the game didn’t actually arrive on Steam Early Access until May 2018.

As Bossa has stated the game never really took off so maintaining the game just doesn’t make financial sense. As July approaches all cosmetic items from the in-game shop will be handed to every player for no cost, while Founder Captains will be getting copies of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread as well as having their names left on the Worlds Adrift website, which will stay up as a memorial to the game. When the final day approaches an End of the World event will occur though details of what that will be or when exactly it will take place are not yet set.


If you’ve recently bought Worlds Adrift you may be entitled to a refund with Bossa stating that purchases of the game on Steam between April 29th and May 29th are eligible to get refunded. In game purchases made since update 29 will also be eligible for refunds. The Island Creator will still be up so people can make things in that though none of it will end up in Worlds Adrift for obvious reasons.

Source: Bossa Studios

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