Dauntless update 1.02 now live and ready to slay some bugs

Phoenix Labs has rolled out a new game update for its monster-hunting action RPG, Dauntless. Just yesterday it was confirmed that the game has had an influx of more than 6,000,000 new players since May 21st.

Update 1.02 has gone live and is now available to download on consoles (this update is also being referred to as OB 0.8.1) and includes several quality of life improvements while rolling out a number of general fixes.


It’s worth noting that all of the issues addressed in 1.02 were discovered pre-launch. Slayers have been logging bugs since the game’s full release last week and Phoenix Labs will no doubt address these in future updates for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can catch the full patch notes below:

  • Fixed a bug where players could get trapped on the Store or Hunt Pass screen, requiring them to force-quit the game.
  • Fixed a bug where hair was not correctly hidden in situations where it should have been.
  • The Hunt Pass character model will now correctly preview complete armour sets.
  • The Godhand is safe to use again! Slayers should no longer get stuck while aiming.
  • Fixed a bug where swapping weapon parts in the pre-hunt prep stage (airship lobby) did not work correctly, and could make it look like those parts were unequipped. This should resolve the issue where some Slayers saw their weapons play the wrong animation for their specials.
  • Camera movement speed on controller has been increased! We’ve widened the range on the controller movement speed dial to help with reports of sluggish controls. Let us know how this feels.
  • The “Aether Orbs” quest will now correctly grant the Plunge dye. Slayers who already completed this quest will receive the dye at a later date, once we run a server-side script.
  • Rockfall Skarn hunts on Arid Rose (island) now correctly spawn aetherwisps and gatherables (e.g. plants, ore).
  • The progression blocking issue with “I Need a Hero” (quest) has been resolved. As a result, this quest will no longer auto-complete when acquired.
  • The “Connect a Dauntless Account” link should now work correctly on all platforms.

Meanwhile, the Dauntless devs continue to monitor known issues within the game. These include faults with friend invites to those with unlinked accounts, issues with recognising PSN friends lists, and mid-game crashes.

Hopefully, Phoenix Labs will also find a way to accommodate more players following persistently long log-in queues.

Dauntless is available to play right now and is completely free-to-play. Inspired by Capcom’s world-beating Monster Hunter franchise, it serves as a lighter, more approachable alternative, recently picked up by Epic Games. Much like Fortnite, Dauntless adopts a battle pass system instead of getting players to pay up front, giving them access to bonus items, unlocks, and challenges.

Source: Official Dauntless blog

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