Hitman 2’s June roadmap includes Agent 47 taking a trip to the bank

Io Interactive has released the June roadmap for Hitman 2 which gives details of what players can expect over the next month including new contracts, new targets, and a brand new location. The theme of June is ‘Greed Kills’. The first bit of content to arrive will be on June 7th with not one but two Elusive Targets appearing at the same time as both The Guru and The Congressman take a trip to Sapienza They’ll both be around for 10 days and will count as one kill towards ET suits, and you’ll need the legacy pack to access these elusive targets.



On June 13th an Escalation contract called the O’Leary Conflaguration where Agent 47 takes on the business of Helen’s Muffin Kitchen. Here you’ll be able to get rid of evidence through incinerators and fire in general. On June 20th Featured Contracts will go live with players able to get the handyman’s toolbox as long as 40 featured contracts have been completed. On the same day the second escalation contract arrives which is called Unpalatable Termination, where Agent 47 goes to Miami where he has to use a shotgun to take on the challenges ahead.

On June 25th expansion pass holders will get access to the Bank which has a new campaign mission called Golden Handshake. The bank is located in the USA and players will be able to wander around this sandbox to find various ways to take out the target. More details of that will be released later. At the same time expansion pass holders also get access to two special assignments with Mumbai and Santa Fortuna being the locations. The missions themselves are called Illusions of Grandeur and Embrace of the Serpent. The locations themselves will be altered from what players experience in the main campaign with times of day and environments being changed up. There will also be a game update on the 25th which will address bugs and improve performance.

On June 27th a third escalation contract arrives and once again in Miami though this time Agent 47 has taken a trip to an aquarium in The Aquatic Retribution, which gives all sorts of way to dispose of enemies. Finally, on June 28th another legacy elusive target appears as Mr Giggles arrives in Marrakesh, with Agent 47 being tasked with taking him out as well as getting the client list. Successful completion nets the summer suit with gloves.

Source: Io Interactive

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