Check out F1 2019’s finalised car models and atmospheric new night lighting

F1 2019 is just around the corner, and Codemasters have dropped a carload of new screenshots on us to show off the game’s new night lighting in comparison to F1 2018, and finally show off all of the finalised and true to life F1 cars, instead of reskinned versions of the 2019 spec car. F1 2019 is out for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 28th June.

After the last few months of announcements and previews, some people were starting to wonder whether or not the real world cars would actually make it into the game in time. For this year’s entry, Codies have created a 2019 spec car, built to the sport’s regulations in tandem with F1’s technical team, and this will be used for online racing where players can now customise their liveries to stand out online. With the actual cars still in development and awaiting approval, Codies were also using the spec car for promotional materials.


Thankfully, as you can see from this gallery, all the cars have been full reproduced in time for launch.

Beyond that, Codies are also showing of the game’s new night lighting, which has been given a dramatic overhaul compared to F2 2018 to capture a more atmospheric feel. Here’s a look at how Bahrain and Singapore have been transformed.

Codemasters Art Director Stuart Campbell explained everything that they’ve done:

Night lighting was one of our visual update priorities for F1® 2019. We took the atmospherics system that we introduced in F1 2018 for day time lighting, and further developed this for the night tracks.

We now have full atmospheric haze on night circuits, giving a true sense of depth. There’s a lot of dust in the air on those circuits and, at night, the particles really interact with the strong trackside lighting. The atmospherics help pull the whole scene together and give a greater sense of realism. We have added volumetric lighting to the trackside lighting, which results in the cones of light falling off from the light sources – another key factor in making night lighting look more realistic. Finally, we added night time specular. This was not present at all in previous games and made the night time scenes look rather flat, and the surface materials ambiguous.

The specular additions have made a huge improvement to the quality of the track materials at night. The extra surface information provided by this allows you to see all the surface details that were lost previously. The vehicle paint in particular looks amazing on the night circuits, and picks-up highlights from all those track-side light sources making it look incredibly close to TV footage of the sport itself.

F1 2019 is out at the end of this month on 28th June for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It’s the earliest release that the series has had in the year, but goes beyond F1 with the inclusion of the F2 2018 season, an expanded career and improved online functionality. Find out more about the game in our hands on F1 2019 preview.

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  1. I’m really pleased they’ve got the individual teams cars finished in time but I’ve noticed they haven’t got the full liveries for Ferrari and McLaren – no tobacco company advertising on them.

    The night lighting is loads better.

    • Most (if not all) of the “missing” sponsors is because of licencing agreements and the games age rating. Not allowed any references to alcohol or gambling, and if a team says “we don’t want this logo on the car” it has to be removed before the car gets signed off by the team.

  2. Another difference for this game is in the car settings, they’ve got rid of the car balance so It won’t be as easy as using your settings from last year’s cars. The reason given is people were running unrealistic settings for balance which gave an advantage to those using a wheel.

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