Pokémon Sword & Shield coming out in November with a HUGE new Dynamax feature

Today’s Pokémon Direct dropped a bunch of new details about Pokémon Sword & Shield, as The Pokémon Company showed off their upcoming mainline Pokémon RPG. Most importantly, the game will be out on 15th November.

Check out the latest trailer within the Direct here:


The BIG new feature is Dynamaxing. This feature is used mid-battle, with a wristwatch device able to make Pokémon ridiculously big in a Honey, I Blew Up the Kid style. Dynamaxing makes them huge and boosts their power, but can only be used once per battle and lasts for three turns.

Dyanmax Pokémon can be found out in the wild, with trainers teaming up in teams of up to four to take them on in new co-op Dynamax Raid Battles. Only one of you will be able to Dynamax in battle, throwing a Dynamaxed Pokéball at the monster. You’ll be able to team up locally via ad hoc or over the internet for these fights.

The Galar region, based off the UK but with a mythical slant, the game looks better than ever. Heading out from the cities, you enter the Wild Area, where you can see all sorts of Pokémon just wandering around, a little like Pokémon Let’s Go, but randomised battles still take place.

A bunch of new Pokémon were revealed, including a sheep Pokémon, Gossifleur a flower Pokémon and snapping turtle Pokémon, a knightly bird that is employed as a flying taxi (because obviously). Gossifleur evolves into Eldergoss with a ball of seeds of a head like a dandelion.

Oh, and the two Legendary Pokémon of the region, with Zacian holding a sword in its mouth and Zamazenta looking like a wolf that got its face stuck in a knight’s shield.

You’ll be heading on your adventure with the usual set of other characters. Leon is the current champion and the most famous trainer in the region, while Hop, your rival, is a young relative of his. Assisting you on your way is Professor Magnolia and her grand daughter and research assistant Sonia.

Gym battles are bigger and more bombastic than ever, taking place in huge stadiums filled with fans watching. Gyms, such as the Grass type leader Leader Leo, will have you facing off in Dynamax battles as well.

Honestly, it all looks pretty fab. Are you looking forward to the game, when it drops this November?

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  1. My son completed the 3DS version recently and my 7yo daughter has ploughed her way through Let’s Go Eevee virtually single handedly (little help from me on some of the tougher battles). Their current (it may not last) love of Pokemon even resulted in a few decks and over the table TCG battles coming out. I’ll also admit that I’m currently enjoying the relaxed nature and hand holding simplicity of Let’s Go too and may just complete it and will hopefully keep me going until Mario Maker 2. The kids love asking me at breakfast where I’m up to in the game when I was playing at after they’d gone to bed.

    Pokemon really should be applauded for its simple approach with fun (rinse and repeat) gameplay and I like the fact that even in defeat they just faint. I’ll likely pick up Sun or Shield later in the year.

    If a game gives around 90 hours entertainment for three people for £40 well that’s damn fine value in my book.

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