GreedFall returns with a new story trailer and a September release date

Over two years ago Focus Home Interactive and Spiders announced the fantasy RPG GreedFall and at the time the aim was to release the game in 2018. Obviously, that didn’t actually happen but we now have an update courtesy of a new story trailer. Before we dive in you may be wondering what exactly is Greedfall? As I mentioned it’s a fantasy RPG but will be focusing heavily on political messages and manoeuvring. It is set in an alternate 17th century where a group of treasure hunters and mercenaries head to an island where a community exists that is guarded by magical Guardians.


It’s a tale of two cultures clashing with the new arrivals doing all they can to get riches and a cure for their home on the old continent, while the inhabitants look to protect their home. How the story unfolds and how this culture clash unfolds is down to how the player acts. You could go with the standard and historical way of doing things by using force to get what you want and killing any resistance. However, you could also look to take a more diplomatic way of doing things and try to ally with the inhabitants to find ways of trading and doing what’s best for everybody. If neither of those is what you fancy then there’s the third option of using deception on everyone involved to get what you want. Every action you take will have an impact on how the world of GreedFall evolves be it a small, innocuous event to the obvious big decision.

GreedFall will be available in September for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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