Microsoft will enable remote play Xbox One gaming with Console Streaming this October

Microsoft are starting the roll out of their cloud streaming gaming with a two-pronged attack. On one side is Project xCloud and on the other is a new feature for Xbox One, Console Streaming.

Console Streaming turns your home console into a streaming server – a feature that PlayStation owners will know as Remote Play – and when you choose to play while away from home, you can either stream your owned games collection from xCloud servers or from your home console.


Update: Console streaming will be going into the Xbox system software preview channels this October. You’ll have access to any games from your game library and Xbox Game Pass games while on the go.

The tech is being demoed at E3 itself for those in attendance, but we’re waiting for details on how it might roll out to end users. Console Streaming could be enabled sooner rather than later through a software update, while Project xCloud, which will have to go toe to toe with Google Stadia, might wait until later this year.

For more news from Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2019 Briefing and all the other shows at E3, make sure to keep tabs on our E3 hub.

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  1. I just watched a group of so called “pundits” gush for 10 minutes about this feature as if it’s the next biggest thing, conveniently forgetting that PC & PS4 have offered this in various forms for years. The big gaming press really is atrocious, they only seem to exist to shill for whoever graces their sofa with their buttocks.

  2. That’s the feature that Sony never managed to offer in any half-way reliable way. If you had the ‘wrong’ network setup it would hardly ever work.

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