Larian reveal a little bit more about Baldur’s Gate 3, but not enough!

As revealed during Google’s Stadia Connect, the developers of the critically accalimed Divinity: Original Sin games are working on Baldur’s Gate III. At the PC Gaming Show they talked a little bit more about the game and what is planned.

Larian have long been trying to convince Wizards of the Coast to let them continue the Baldur’s Gate franchise, finally getting the green light in 2016 to get to work.


Unfortunately, Larian aren’t really talking more about the setting of the game beyond what was shown in the reveal trailer set in the city of Baldur’s Gate and that bad stuff is going down.

They’ve based their game on 5th Edition of the D&D player’s handbook, ported it all into the video game form and have started to modify and add things on top of it to accommodate all the weird and wonderful things that players would want to do in a tabletop RPG. For example, you can get into an argument, pick up a chair, set it on fire, and smack it over an opponent’s head. That’s not exactly something that’s incorporated in the game rules.

There’s no timeframe that Larian are prepared to share for the game’s release. This is very much a “when it’s ready” kind of project that Larian and Wizards of the Coast will be taking their time with to get absolutely right. We do know that it will be coming to PC and Google Stadia.

Between now and the eventual release of the game, Wizards of the Coast will also be releasing an interquel tabletop campaign so that fans can discover what has happened in the 100 years between Baldur’s Gate 2 and 3.

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