Carrion is a horror game where you get to be the horror

Chestbursting onto the scene for consoles and PC in 2020, Carrion is a “reverse horror game” from the appropriately named Phobia Game Studios and Devolver Digital.


I’ll admit, I simply love the look of Carrion. I’m a big fan of the classic horror film The Thing, and let’s be honest, the tentacled blob monster that you get to play as in this game looks a lot like The Thing! You play as this creature as it tears apart a facility, hunting and consuming the humans that you come across, spreading fear and panic as you go. You’ll grow and evolve as you progress, but you’ll also have to face increasingly difficult humans that try to defend themselves and turn the tables on your with flamethrowers and more.

It honestly looks great, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it soon.

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