Commander Keen returns as a free-to-play iOS & Android game

ZeniMax Online might have been hard at work on churning out expansions for The Elder Scrolls Online for the last few years, but part of the team have also been working with a classic id Software franchise: Commander Keen.


Coming to iOS and Android, as a free-to-play game, you play as Billy or Billie – boy and girl twin children to the original Commander Keen – who go through story mode, retelling some of the classic adventures of Keen as you race to save the galaxy.

You can also go head to head in a real time Battle Mode, racing through the level and trying to control checkpoints to win.

The game will be getting a soft launch this summer for iOS and Android. Head to to go register your interest.

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  1. Huh, well this could be fun. I loved the old Commander Keen, not the word isometric one but the frustrating platformer that wasn’t far off being exactly the same as Duke Nukem, but less floaty.

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