Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta will take place in September

John Wick was on stage last night, and now The Punisher has turned up on Ubisoft’s stage. John Bernthal arrived with his very, very good dog to talk about his Ghost-gone-rogue character in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and what he means for the game, before Ubisoft announced several details about the game.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is out for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 4th October. However, if you want to play before then, Ubisoft will be holding a beta test for the game on 5th September.


Bernthal’s character Cole Walker going rogue changes the balance of the game. You’re no longer the hunter, but the hunted, going up against an army of similarly trained and similarly equipped soldiers. Not only that, but they have a wealth of advanced drone technology too lean on, having invaded and taken over the island of Auroa, which was home to Skell Technology and all things drones.

Beyond that, Ubisoft are really trying to reach out to the community and get them involved. Firstly, they’ve confirmed that you’ll have AI Ghosts accompanying you when playing Breakpooint solo – of course, it’s really meant to be playing in co-op, and that will also be returning. Secondly they’re launching a new community program around the game. Delta Company.

There’s also a bunch of other surprises, with Ubi teasing some Terminator content for the game. Terminators seem to be getting everywhere these days!

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