PC Gaming Show E3 2019 Roundup: Griftlands, Last Oasis, and more

The PC Gaming Show at E3 has occurred and with it a host more game announcements. Instead of writing individual posts for every single announcement we thought we’d do a round-up so it’s easier for you to read, and easier to type up if we’re honest. Everybody wins! There are all sorts of games in the list below so something may catch your attention and jump on your wishlist, or may at least pique your interest a little bit. Let’s start.



Griftlands isn’t a new title as it was announced by Klei, those of Don’t Starve fame, back in 2017. It’s a 2D RPG that looks slightly like the artwork of the Don’t Starve franchise. It started life as a turn based combat RPG but now its a card battling RPG. Furthermore, there will be an alpha available from July 11th.

Cris Tales

The first of the new titles that has been confirmed at the PC Gaming Show is Cris Tales by Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK and published by Modus Games. Crisbell and her allies must travel through time to stop the evil rule of an empress. The battle will be through turn-based systems with an element where the timelines of each character can be altered depending on the actions taken. Every action will have an effect on how the timeline plays out and how the world unfolds. Cris Tales will be available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch in 2020.

Per Aspera 

For those of you who like base building and simulation then Per Aspera may be the game for you. Set in the future where humanity is trying to terraform Mars your mission is to be the one to achieve the goal. The only problem is is that you aren’t the first person to try and as you work you’ll discover remnants of failed missions. These failed missions and how you deal with them will affect your relationship with ground control who may have had an inkling. Whatever choice you make will have an impact on how the journey ends. The Mars map itself is based on geographical data gathered by NASA as well, so at least your mission may fail but you’ll learn a lot about the Red Planet.

Songs of Conquest 

Coffee Stain Publishing has revealed Songs of Conquest that is another turn-based strategy title where you’ll build an empire, raise armies, and even have powerful magicians do your bidding for the prosperity of your nation. It’s a fantasy world so human enemies aren’t the only beings you’ll have to deal with. Monsters also roam the world and there are a number of quests to take on to help expand the empire of your realm. You can register for the alpha at www.songsofconquest.com

Last Oasis

What is a PC show without an MMO? This time around the game is Last Oasis and the setting is Earth but one which has stopped rotating which means the survivors are outrunning a scorching sun to survive, as well as dealing with a host of other problems that would occur should Earth suddenly halt on its axis. Players wlll have walkers to navigate the world, and the game goes into early access on September 3rd.


Do you ever feel trapped in the daily grind? Well Mosaic is a narrative title all about being in the daily grind and trying to break out of it. Players will explore daydreams and nightmares while trying to work out how to get out of the vexing world of normalcy. You can also download a game called BlipBlop on iOS and Android which is the game that everyone loses themselves in the Mosaic world. It’s free too so blip your blops.

Mosaic will be out later this year on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch.

Source: A ton of press releases.

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